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Renew An Offshore Company will help you renew your offshore company each and every year on time. Penalties for renewing late could be agressive. Call us today!


More Info
  • Offshore Company Renewal
  • If you own and operate an offshore company, you will have to renew your company each and every year with the company’s country of origin. Below we will show you the deadlines for some of the more common countries. Renewing the company usually means paying a fee to the Registered Agent on File as well as the Division of Corporations of that country.
  • Add to your Calendar Each Year
  • Find a Good Registered Agent
  • Do Your Taxes On Time Each Year
  • Dates for Offshore Renewals
  • Find the offshore country where you incorporated below to see the deadlines for renewal.
  • British Virgin Islands (BVI) – If the incorporated date is between Jan 1 -June 30 the renewal date is May 15. If the incorporated date is between July 1 – Dec 31 the renewal date is October 30.
  • Panama – If incorporated between Jan 1 to June 30 the renewal is July 15. If incorporated July 1 – December 31 then the renewal is January 15
  • Belize – The renewal is August 1.